Company - Overview

With a vision of becoming a premier provider of IT staffing solutions and custom application development services, TanviIT believes that its dedication to delivering client requirements that exceed expectations and strong business values have helped bring the company to the forefront of the IT consulting vertical.

In today’s business arena, companies are faced with a myriad of obstacles ranging from competence of consultant to deliverables based on ROI and last but not least budget constraints. Tanvi IT bridges the gap between client aspirations and actual deliverables by extrapolating the case scenario and advising the client at every stage on all possible avenues for project execution based on the final product envisaged by the customer’s vision.  In other words, TanviIT doesn’t just deliver what is required, but with close consultation with the client, delivers what is effective.

At TanviIT, we consider our people to be at the core of our success stories. Our well balanced teams of professionals, not only work within their respective domains seamlessly, but also interface with associated teams to understand all aspects of project deliverables that are critical to help formulate a holistic approach to successful project implementation.

Why TanviIT

Pricing: TanviIT can provide consultants and custom solutions that deliver dynamic result oriented solutions at a cost that is within the customer’s budget without compromising on quality or time frames. In all situations, whether the skill set requirement, duration or project size, we aspire to work at rates that fit the customer's budget.

Quality: We have well defined quality measures to ensure high standards for software development and implementation and IT staffing. Detailed documentation of every activity in the software development life cycle is an essential part of our process as well as defined coding standards and templates to ensure consistency in any project development. A rigorous selection procedure to recruit only the “right fit” professionals is essential to our success in this vertical.

Commitment: TanviIT is committed to providing usable solutions, whether it is for IT staffing or custom application development. Our objective is effective delivery, not effective presentations.

Mar, 2013

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Mar, 2013

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